Update 50! Finally!

Hello Reader!

Well, belated as this hello is I hope that the following helps to explain what’s taken me SOOOOO long to get this update out to you!

So – two HUGE bits of news for update 50:

 1. I have a publisher! Woohoo!

I can’t say who it is yet but all the paperwork is signed and I’m really happy with the deal and that ‘they’ would take such an interest in my game at this stage. While I know a lot of fellow Indie’s and maybe some of you my wonderful crew might be “Nooooooo – don’t sell your soul (and more importantly) your game to these people!!” the perks are that the game will be so much more professional with the level of VO support, QA support, financial support, Steam support (no need to greenlight for me) and general level of experience will be a huge benefit to the game.

Overall I gave it all l lot of thought and think its for the best. I wanted to wait till it was all 100% sorted before I let you all know.

2. A new Argonaut joins us in October!

Not something I’ve told a lot of people but at this stage I wanna start screaming about it so, yep, my wife and I are expecting our second in early October! We’re very very excited, no idea if its a Jason or an Atalanta yet but I’ll be sure to mention that all once or twice in the months to come ;).

Now, with all this going on it means one thing – the game is going to take longer than planned as there is so much more game to make now! I know a delay is not what any of you will want to hear, of course, but I really think it’s for the best.

I want to make the very best game I can and with ‘The Publisher’ support I can not only spend that time making more content and characters but also make use of a professional QA and Translation team – its more than I could have hoped for.

Right now it looks as if – taking into account baby attention and sleep deprivation – the game will be complete in February 2015. I’ll do my best to bring that target closer but I want to be realistic on how much time I will be able to dedicate to the game in coming month’s and not have to say to you all “You know I said it’d be out in October? Yeah, well, funny story…”

In fairness, taking a year to develop, design and complete a game essentially solo doesn’t sound that bad going to me…

Speaking of birthday’s this month marks the one year of when I settled on my Jason design! Happy first birthday Captain!

Current progress

The game is in great shape and I’m now working on the additional content areas, using that time honoured adventure game tradition of having three distinctly different areas intertwine as one character or item directly affects one or more of the other areas. And this gives me more room for redskirt slaughter… Here’s a few snapshots of the placeholder art at the moment:

New uniforms ordered

Speaking of lambs, um, redskirts, I have been doodling and had approved by their human counterparts a couple more characters for the game – namely Redskirts Shaw and Baxter! Hope you like the designs as much as they do!

A small gift from me to you

To round up this epic update I wanted to offer this small gift of appreciation in the form of a wallpaper – loosely – based on posters from the original Star Trek movie poster.

Click here to download it. I hope you like it!

As always, thank you all for your support. Originally I had planned for this update to be a launch update and it has become pretty much the opposite but I hope that you do understand why I’ve made these choices and still be happy to share this journey with me.

Thank you again, more soon!

aka Jason The Greek

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