The Update about the Update…

Hello Reader… been a while…

Several of you – several more than there should have been – have been asking how it’s going and what’s going on and I have SO much to tell you and pretty much no time to do it. Most importantly I want you all to know that the Argo is very much afloat, sailing ever onwards and all hands are at the oars.

And now that I’ve momentarily run out of metaphors this is to say that the game is still under development and I’m still working on it.

I can only apologise for the lack of update’s recently but ‘normal’ service will resume asap as there is so much I want to share and get your feedback on – not least of all that the Alpha is complete! I am now well into the ‘sponge build‘ which is basically me pulling all the parts of the Alpha together, playing through it, reworking the script where necessary and sketching out difference backgrounds / scenery where something has broken down from sketchbook to screen – essentially mopping up all the leaks!

The other news is that the Argo has a new member on the crew: Luca Sidney Foshwas born last Wednesday and has been put in as Chief Officer in charge of Poop and Sleep Deprivation (not necessarily in that order).

Naturally this has meant the last week and more has been crazy busy but I have – clearly – made it back in front of the screen and my priority is to get you the real update that is so very overdue.

More as soon as I can, thank you all again for your support and patience, I really appreciate it!

Thanks again,

aka The Sleep Deprived Zombie…

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