The new demo is ready!

Jason The GreekEvening Player,

Hows your day going? Mine’s drawing to a close with a long weekend planned with the family I wanted to get a little update your way before signing off for a few days!

I’ve fixed a few of the bugs people have mentioned PLUS updated and added in new screens for the how to play areas. So now when you load up the game you get a few screens showing you, well… how to play!

To download the new version, head to the home page!

I hope they won’t be too intrusive. In future I’ll make sure that if you’ve already seen them once they don’t display the second time you play but for now, its a pain you’ll have to bear, I’m afraid.

Once again, thank you for playing – I hope you’ll give this newer version a chance and please feel free to keep the feedback coming!

More soon,



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