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Morning Player!

This one wont be as long as usual but as I’ve already gone well over a month since the last update (can’t believe how quickly that time has flown) I wanted to post up some progress – and progress is good!

As of now the game is in a strong Alpha state, all rooms (roughly 40 plus cut scenes!!) are in, logic done and every (EVERY!) character is drawn with a chat head each. We’ve never been this close to launch now.

I SO want to show you content but also don’t want to give something away such as hidden characters or help you discover an item or surprise too soon.

That said I definitely want to show off some of the progress so hopefully these will  whet your appetite and not give anything away!

The famous hall of heroes
The famous hall of heroes

I have yet to create the busts so these little guys are simply placeholders for all of you that have submitted for that reward.

The Red Hall - They will be missed.
The Red Hall – They will be missed.

A small selection of those that have (unintentionally or unexpectedly) given their lives for The Argo.

Introducing... The Story.
Introducing… The Story.

Apollonius of Rhodes introduces us to this monster of myths, the largest of legends!

I’ll be relaunching the demo in the retro style very soon for you all to play and – I REALLY hope – enjoy!

After the last post there was a lot to say and I hope that I have managed to answer each and every one of your comments and questions either on the wall here or on email or personal message. I cannot thank all of you who have offered your support and wishes of further funding enough – you are amazing!! Had some great ideas presented from early access on steam, another round on kickstarter and merchandise (merchandising, merchandising – love spaceballs) and commissions. I don’t want to do anything that will postpone or take my attention away from completing the game but if you do have any ideas or things Jason related you would like to buy then let me know!

Right, back to work – more soon, hope all’s well with you all and thank you all again so much, cannot say it enough.

aka Jason The Greek

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