Quids in and Kickstarter Content

Morning All!

Just a quickie this morning as my Wednesday’s are spent with my Son, Milo, who is currently doing what all year olds would do when left alone – wreck the lounge! Will make more of an update tonight, I’m sure.

I’ve had a few messages and questions about the £1 pledge tier. When I set it up I didn’t really think that people wouldn’t be able to pledge twice and now I realise that many of you quite fancy having your name read out by me, in Toga, in Trafalgar so who am I to say no?!

So what I was thinking is that any pledge will now come with a shout out included – will send out a survey at the end of the campaign where you can let me know what name I should be reading out.

Its a (very) public place so please keep it clean 😉

As per the other popular request I will also let everyone know beforehand when I’ll be heading into the big city if anyone fancies coming along!

Hope this is ok for everyone?

Kickstarter only content

This is another item that has been brought up and something that I perhaps hadn’t considered properly before launching (its my first campaign, am doing my best…) and thats the promise of Kickstarter only content.

In my head I thought it would be cool to give everyone who pledged £4 or more and helped to make the game a copy that is specific to kickstarter, one that would contain a mini-quest or two designed by the top tiers shoudl anyone pledge so highly as well as a ‘Thank you for Kickstarting Jason The Greek’ opening message in the game.

Does this sound ok? No one has taken the top tiers so there is time to change this, I can always have the top tiers design a mini-quest available as a free download fromwww.JasonTheGreek.com.

Would appreciate your feedback on both, let me know what you all think?

Thank you all and thank you for all your support so far, what a week its been!

Speak soon, thanks again, better go grab my Son as he (litterally) climbs the walls. Off to the appropriately named Adventure Land!

aka Jason The Greek

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