May schmay – set course for June!

Hello reader!

Hope you’re well? As ever the month has flown by here in Lemnos as we move ever forward into Alpha territory! May was a month of new character designs, room reviews and redesigns and script completion not to mention killing off four different red skirts in as varied an amount of death scenes as you can imagine. I really don’t think you’ll see these coming!

Thank you for coming. No, no, it's just the bubbles...
Thank you for coming. No, no, it’s just the bubbles…

So where are we at?

In game terms, we’re in the morning after Jason has seduced the Princess and he’s in a position I’m sure many of us have found ourselves in one time or another: Do I find the key for the locked door or just jump out the window…?

Well, as mentioned, the alpha is STILL not finished. It’s coming along well and an early build has been played by a few of the crew who have confirmed that it works (always a good sign) and that there’s about an hour of gameplay to be had which – considering this is without animations or cut scenes this is pretty good going as the build is only about a third of the game.

I’m also glad the puzzles aren’t too obscure as when you know how it’s meant to be done it can be hard to be sure that normal people will be able to work it out!

Right now, Jason has been to the party and met the princess and has climbed his way into her heart and (possibly just as importantly) her hot tub… Set dialogue on stun… from there it’s a daring escape and around the island to round up his crew. The characters and scenes are there, its ‘just’ the dialogue that needs tweaking…

The game is making me laugh just because of the amount of placeholders I have in there right now as I’ve been sketching up the characters but only moving them up and down to chat so it’s a lot like early south park in there! Which leads us nicely onto…
Fates willing you'll all be playing through here soon...
Fates willing you’ll all be playing through here soon…


To help the rooms make SOME sense I’ve been sketching up a few more rough character designs including those of my redskirt crew! Below are some VERY early sketches along with a few more of the npc’s around the game.
Just to VERY clear - placeholders!! And yes, Sir Jordi, I'll be reworking your chin asap! ;)
Just to VERY clear – placeholders!! And yes, Sir Jordi, I’ll be reworking your chin asap! 😉

You’ll have to wait to see how long they last in game…

Time to listen up!

I’m really excited to share some of the work in progress audio from the extremely talented Chris Jolley who is currently producing all of the music and audio effects. Love to know what you all think of the work so far!?


Next theres only on thing for it – finish the Alpha and start turning it into a beta!We’re into June now and I’m excited to have so much of the game playable and ready to be played. It’s a long way from complete but the barebones of it are in place and what it really needs is the right dialogue, a load of playthrough’s and plenty of polish before I can call it a beta and unleash it on those of you who opted for such a thing!

As ever, thank you all for your support, ideas and offers to help – more to come soon!

aka Jason The Greek
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