March is here already?!

Hello Reader!

Good day to you all, hope all’s well in your worlds? Its been another mad and yet productive month here aboard the Argo as I’ve concepted every room / scene for the game and finally started to wrap my tiny little mind around Unity.


What have I done?!

So February was a reflective month in many ways as I took a long hard look at what I’ve had planned and how I planned to work through the game. Initially I had planned to break the game dev down into monthly milestones to keep me on track with each month covering a set amount of rooms and characters, basically trying to finish off a piece at a time.

I’ve been told this is a very ‘Sierra’ way of thinking…

Thing is this was making for a very ‘bitty’ game so I’ve rethought that plan of action and instead alpha’d up every part of the game as sketches and am now putting in equally sketchy versions of the characters and their appropriate narrative – which means I’ll be chasing all you remaining red skirts for photos asap!

Heading to the palace
Heading to the palace

As you can see from the pics this is all pretty loose as the whole process is really just to make sure that the game holds together as a journey – plus it means I need to take a good look at the many rooms I’ve designed and see which ones are surplus to requirements!

The Lemnosian greenhouse - flowers to cover almost any smell!
The Lemnosian greenhouse – flowers to cover almost any smell!

Lastly drawing all of these out together has really started to refine my ‘art style’ but more of this next month…

Take a stroll through Lemnos
Take a stroll through Lemnos

The month ahead

So from here its time to get more chatty – both in game and on the blogs / facebook / twitter / on the train to total strangers and generally anyone who’ll listen… as I have been totally slack on all platforms and I am sorry about that – will do my best to get more up more regularly, feel free to let me know what kinda things you’d like to see!

A helping hand

A couple of new ‘starters have gotten in touch and seeing as I had so much help I’d like to help others in need of your precious support:

First is King Art Games who don’t look like they’re struggling at all but could always use a bit of an extra push – plus it looks like an awesome project and title to boot:

Then theres Carlton who’s been working on a project for a revolutionary new water bottle that could, quite literally, save the planet! It´s eco-friendly, socially responsible, clean and green (the process, not the water)!

So, busy busy busy, loads more to come and cant wait to show it off, all this alpha’ing has meant there’s not been much love to the demo and beta of late but I’m hoping that all this will make for a much better game overall.

More soon, enjoy your Monday’s!

aka Jason The Greek

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