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February 11, 2013


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Kristian Fosh
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Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos, point and click adventure on PC

Captain Kirk meets Jason and The Argonauts in the first chapter of this legendary adventure!

Surrey, UK – Nov. 11, 2013 – DreamFever, a one man indie studio is launching its first full title for the PC and Mac, Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos with the demo available for the PC now! JTG is a blend of the personalities of one of sci-fi’s most loved series into one of the greatest journeys ever told: The Quest for the Golden Fleece.  JTG: The Ladies of Lemnos is chapter one in this journey, with the crew heading to the isle said to be 100% women. Playing as Jason, it will be up to you to charm the princess, solve puzzles and unravel mysteries as you search for clues as to the whereabouts of the Golden Fleece and your next course heading.

Escaping from the princesses room before she wakes and rounding up your crew before anyone knows your gone… that’s all part of the fun!

Download and play the demo today for PC: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/JTG.zip

Check out the pointing and the clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/user/JasonTGreek

“JTG is going to be the first in a possible set of three titles spanning Jason and his crew of Argonauts’ journey across the mythological world of Ancient Greece in their Quest to find the Golden Fleece. It’s an eccentric take on the theme that hasn’t been seen before in popular culture, blending two of the most famous crews in legend – Enterprise meets Argo.” Kris Fosh, the artist and writer behind Jason The Greek. “I want to thank the people who have looked at the artwork and played the demo for all the generous feedback I’ve received on forums and on the main site, all of which has helped to shape the quest so far – you’re all part of the crew!”

“In the first chapter I want to set a theme for the quest, a level of humour, puns and character style to create a franchise for the other parts to follow. I’ve loved Jason’s story since I first watched the Ray Harryhausen movies back in the day and blending that with my love of Sci-fi spoofery is just too good an idea to not to try!”

The story plays out with Jason washed up on the shore of a deserted island on his way to Lemnos after he is knocked by a freak wave from the prow of the Argo. Players will take up his story by helping him find a way off of the island by solving puzzles, finding and combining random items in order to achieve new goals and, well… assaulting a Paddlecrab. If you’ve visited Monkey Islands or Hit the Road while wearing your Leisure Suit then this could be the game for you.

Key features for JTG include:

A new take on a classic legend fusing the personalities of the futuristic crew in the Captain Jason, logical first mate Orpheus, drummer Philoctetes aka ‘Irish’ (giving it all he’s got) and the doctor Peleus who’s more interested in bones – dammit – to name but a few. Starting on a spartan, deserted beach the game takes you to Lemnos, a land of women where you must point, click, steal and charm your way out of its borders taking with you your crew or as much as is possible as the many red skirts of your crew litter the streets offering you hints with their final breath after a succession of unusual and often grisly deaths…

    • Explore a unique take on the classic Greek Myth in its own cartoon style!
    • Interact with characters, objects, items and crabs!
    • Solve mysteries and uncover a dark secret (oooo)!
    • Romance a princess!
    • Escape from a princesses bedroom before she wakes up.
    • And basically steal any item that isn’t nailed to the floor…

Ready to join the crew? Head over to the site and download the demo of Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos today: www.jasonthegreek.com

Jason The Greek is currently running a kickstarter campaign in the hope of securing a portion of early finance to support ongoing development of the full title, pay for freelance contractors, software licenses and other items that keep a game running on time. Such as pie. If you’d like to know more about how you can support the campaign – and get yourself some tasty rewards in the process – click here 

DreamFever’s portfolio includes several smaller titles including Shlumpf and FaceAche available for iPhone and iPad, sole supplier of artwork on the upcoming multi platform title Battle Cattle and art and development for the online presence of the Animentals among other credits. Downloads of previous titles have shown positive trends across the globe on all accessible platforms from the main sites and relevant App Stores.

Find DreamFever on the web and get the latest news on Jason The Greek and my other titles and projects by going to www.dreamfever.co.uk. Visit me on Facebook and Twitter. All trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

About DreamFever LTD

DreamFever is a one man studio formed earlier this year set up by Kristian Fosh, who started in the gaming industry in 2006 working for Jagex on their MMORPG RuneScape before becoming one of the founding team members of their casual games department FunOrb. Since early successes with titles like Arcanists and Zombie Dawn, he worked in partnership with Dan Goodayle of Just a Pixel fame and Chris Jolley to create mobile titles Shlumpf and FaceAche – both of which have had some success since being released to the app stores. The decision to make Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos comes from a love of the genre, of storytelling and of fun and exciting character design mixed with a passion for sci-fi spoofing, Ancient Greek myths and a deep seated joy of puns.

Extra Info:

All Related assets: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/PressPack.zip

Printable version: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/PRESS-RELEASE-Jason-The-Greek.pdf

Additional text: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/The-Story.pdf

Screenshots: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/Imagery.zip

Videos: http://jasonthegreek.com/DEMO/Videos.zip

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More snapshots, images and concepts can be found in the download pack to the left! Just click on the button and all will be yours!

There are far more images available for Jason The Greek, but these are the ones I felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact me!

Project: Jason The Greek

The Story

Once upon a time in faraway Ancient Greece lived a man. No – a Lion Man – a near Demi-God who went by the name… of Jason.

Jason, the man with the one sandal, blessed by The Gods, returned to claim his rightful place upon the throne of Thessaly. Denied his kingdom by the mad King Pelias, he and his mighty crew will sail the seven seas in search of the Golden Fleece aboard the legendary vessel – The Argo.

In this, the first chapter of our quest, Jason and his crew set sail for the fabled Isle of Lemnos, in search of news of the Golden Fleece. It is said that the island is a land of only women. I’m sure that had nothing to do with this being the crew’s first port of call…

The Game

Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos is the first chapter of a series of point-and-click adventures created by DreamFever Ltd – an Indie games studio based in Surrey, UK. It is based on the mythical adventures of Jason and The Argonauts in their quest to find the Golden Fleece.

You play as Jason – the handsome, seductive and quick-witted captain of The Argo – starting stranded alone on a beach in Gods know where after being knocked off of the ship by a sudden tidal wave, its up to you to guide him off of the island and back to his ship and crew so that he can continue his quest!

Chapter 1 of the series is entitled The Ladies of Lemnos, which is true to the original legend in that The Argonauts first stopped on the Island looking for any clue as to the whereabouts of the fleece.

The fact that the island was populated only by women. Well… can you imagine Kirk on an island of women…?

The game is planned for PC, Mac, iPad and Table Android, with the first release of the game scheduled for summer 2014.

Jason The Greek: The Ladies of Lemnos is an new take on the old-school point and click adventure games inspired by titles like Monkey Island, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Discworld and the awesome Hector Badge of Carnage series. It’s a 2d extravaganza with you taking charge as Jason The Greek in a world of Myths, Legends, Demi-Gods and puns galore.

  • Explore a unique take on the classic Greek Myth in its own cartoon style!
  • Interact with characters, objects, items and crabs!
  • Solve mysteries and uncover a dark secret (oooo)!
  • Romance a princess!
  • Escape from a princesses bedroom before she wakes up.
  • And basically steal any item that isn’t nailed to the floor…

Inspired by my love of Greek legends and an almost greater love of sci-fi spoofery its Jason and The Argonauts meets Captain Kirk and crew. It’s hard to believe I’m married, I know.

Right now I’ve got the demo completed (available here) to a level I’m pretty happy with but its taken a loooong while in lunch times and late nights. From here I’m onto the main event of new locationscharacters and items as well as the full story.

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