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Thanks for heading over, this post is all about ‘Kickbacks’. What are kickbacks I hear you ask? Well, in a nutshell, kickbacks are the rewards you get for pledging to my kickstarter campaign that I’m currently working on.

The following are the ideas I’ve had as to what to offer as part of my campaign to hopefully convince you to part with your hard earned cash to help fund the development of Jason The Greek.

I’ll put together some nice visuals when I get to creating the page itself as they may well change, pending on peoples feedback.

Would be great to know what you think, please do leave any comments you have below!

Thanks for all your help, hope you like what I’ve come up with so far…

Jason (aka Kris)



Kickback rewards for your kind pledges
Cost (£ GBP)Cost ($ US Dollar)NameDetailsAmountCredit
£1$1.60EB Thanks on locationI will stand in Trafalgar Square, dressed in a Toga and thank you by name – via the medium of YouTube! Your name will also go into the game credits.300Basic credit
£1$1.60Thanks!Your name will go into the credits of the game.n/aBasic credit
£5$8EB GamerA digital download of the game upon launch100Crew credit
£7.50$12Alpha GamerDigital download of the game upon launchn/aAlpha credit
£10$16Gamer BetaDigital download plus downloadable pack of 5 x high res wallpapers for desktop and mobile from the game.n/aBeta credit
£15$24Gamer CappaEarly access to the game, access to the dev blog to see and get involved in updates first and help to make the game.n/aCappa’s
£20$32Getting PersonalAn early access digital copy of the game where Jason will open the game with a monologue mentioning and thanking you directly.100Personnel
£25$40Better BetaBeta tester access + digital soundtrack along with early access to the game.n/aBetter Beta’s
£50$80Signed, sealed, deliveredSigned copy of the game in a traditional big box packaging + your choice of poster in a1 and mini sizes, print ready 100 page PDF of The Journey of Jason The Greek book – This book will contain commentary from the creator and artwork from the sketch books / storyboards.50Old school
£60$96EB AcademicHalf a day (roughly 3/4 hours with a break) online conference by invite only where I will teach you how to make an adventure game OR show you how I design and animate characters. You will then be able to submit a room as a secret level added to your own unique version of the game before we send it to you.5Senate
£75$120AcademicSame as above but after early bird discount 5Senate
£150$240Red SkirtIn the game as a red skirt, choose the way you die! Will also send you a hi-resolution PDF of your character before and after death.20Cannon Fodder
£300$480Captain!Portrait of yourself in the style of the game, added in game as a character you can talk to, your choice of training package to join, autographed poster a1*, PDF book, soundtrack (*add $15 for international shipment)10Captain’s Table
£500$800Demi-GodLogo in opening credits, Demi-God role on credits, one to one session on how to make an adventure game or animate characters, logo linked to your page from game website footer, autographed poster a1*, PDF book, soundtrack (*add $15 for international shipment).5Demi-Gods
£1,000$1,600Are You A God?The demi-god rewards PLUS an invite for you and a plus one to the Toga (launch) party where you will drink for free* all night! (*to the value of £75 per person to include plus 1). Travel to and from the venue will not be included. 5Olympians

EB = Early Bird discount.

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