It’s Christmas and… It’s over.

The time has come.

This has been coming for a while now, I’ve just not had the time to put together a proper post but it’s time you knew…

I’ve finished the demo!

Ok, not as good news as what id LOVE to be telling you after two years (ie. The game is finished) but better than I’m betting what you thought I was going to say… 😉

So, yes, the demo is out and can be downloaded here it’s only on PC for the time being but I’ll be happy to put a Mac build together if anyone wants one? Soon as I can I’ll also be putting it onto mobile too, just looking at the best way to do that as right now there’s bound to be a bug or five (he says optimistically) in there so will make sure whatever platform I use I can easily fix and update the build.

Much of the rest of the game is done – few sneak peeks below with a plan to launch the finished game early in the new year.

Will let you know as soon as there’s more to see!

Thank you all for all your support, looking forward to hearing what you think!*

Merry Christmas to all who sail in the Argo!

Aka Jason

*i think…

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