Is that… is that an update?

Hello Reader!

No, your eyes do not deceive you – I have finally made the time to do an update! As you know it’s been too long since I’ve put time aside from working on the game to write you a full and proper update and this will certainly be full as a LOT has been happening over the last few months and, I’m going to be honest with you, not all of it is great – but no quest was ever without its challenges…

So let’s get to it!

In the wilderness of the many months since the last update I have very nearly completed the game. It’s at a point now where the gameplay, narrative / speech and story are in, the rooms have been been defined and drawn, the puzzles and ‘logic’ are there and a large portion has been QA’d. The animations, cut scenes and bug testing are pretty much all that’s left… So I want to get you all playing!

I’m going to send out a link to the beta players first and then once I have their feedback I’ll make any updates and release to the rest. It won’t be the full game, rather the portion that’s been QA’d as I’m pretty sure that portion is playable. It also doesn’t have the hall of heroes in yet as I’ve been focused on the game rather than the rewards, I’m afraid – although they and you all are never far from my mind where this games development is concerned as without you I would never have gotten nearly this far.

And it’s at this stage we have stalled. As…

We are out of money. In fact I ran out of development money (ie. not that reserved to fulfil rewards) quite a while ago and have spent a great deal of time trying to work out what to do and have moved forward as far as I can before I’ve had to take a step back and work out how to get the game finished at a level of quality I am happy and proud of.

I have been supported by a fantastic publisher but with the continued pushing back of development (as you are all only too aware) they cannot risk any further financial support, a decision I completely understand and respect.

Without further funding – and i am NOT running another kickstarter, you have all been more than generous and I have every intention of fulfilling my commitment to you all – I cannot afford proper VO, QA or translation not to mention my own time to make the game the game as it should be and I do not want to make something half-assed, especially after all this time.

So what can I do about it? Naturally I’ve had to get a ‘real’ job to keep food on the table and Jason has returned to my ‘spare time’ as I spend my days working with (and for) the amazing people at Supermassive Games as Lead UI artist. We have recently launched the main title I have been working on there, a game called Until Dawn for the PS4 and is well worth checking out even if I do say so myself (not for our younger crew members) :

Let’s just say this has kept me busy to say the least.

Although this goes well into supporting my family and I it does not mean I have the cash for professional VO etc and the time it takes to put together the quality of animation and artwork that I am so proud of in the current version of Jason. So, how am I going to fund the game? Well I thought… by making the game!

Jason has been taken into the ancient world of ‘retro’ pixelation. Yes, I’m changing the style yet again but with what I believe is good reason. The style is fast to produce but retains a sense of style and also allows for many (many) tongue in cheek references to the old school point and clicks that inspired me to make Jason in the first place.

I am incredibly proud of the style we’ve created together and it is a style that I intend to complete the game in, but right now I have neither the time nor the resources to see it through to the quality it and you all deserve but with so much of the game completed moving into a pixelated format but still using the gameplay and logic from the ‘HD’ version means that already in a space of two months I have nearly caught up with the current style and will soon have a version playable in this format alongside what I have mentioned above.

In this minimalist structure I can create the assets much much faster and get a version of the game to the mobile and tablet market far sooner than I would be able to in the current format – and while it is mobile focused using Unity means that all desktop users will still get a version on whichever platform you would prefer.

This is NOT the style of game I promised you when we started nearly two years ago and I have every intention of fulfilling my commitments to you as part of the kickstarter, however you will all have a copy of the pixel version AS WELL on whatever platform you desire – be it mobile or desktop in addition to the HD version when I make that.

There’s a lot to digest and so I’m going to leave it here for you all to get your heads around and for anyone wishing to comment – please – I want your absolute honesty on how you feel about this and will do my best to answer and all questions as I will be updating MUCH more frequently going forward.

In my next post I will lay out more about the new format and what it means to how your rewards will display in game and hopefully a demo to play soon too.

I never wanted or do want to be ‘another pixel art game’ but I do feel that the style still has a lot of character and love how quickly the game is taking shape in this format. After all this time I was burning out a little and this has reinvigorated me to get the game on market – if only to fund the making of the game I originally set out to make!

So, in a nutshell – I’m making the game to fund the game in the only way I see that I am able, given my limited resources of time and finances. Those that backed at a level that earned them a copy of the game will get a copy of the pixel art and HD versions along with rewards in whichever style they prefer.

Statues and the hall of heroes will be in both versions as will – of course – be the redskirts and their associated deaths.

Think I’ve worn out my keyboard with all that typing / rambling but hope it goes some way to explaining why I haven’t posted in so long and will be keeping you all far more in the loop as we move forward.

Thank you all for your patience and support. Going to crash out and see what comments tomorrow brings. More soon,

aka Jason The Greek

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