Guess the birthday cookie competition!

Hello Reader!

As you know, today is my birthday – seeing as you may well have shared it with me last year on here I thought I’d mark this anniversary with a competition!  

It’s a bit of a tradition that I make cookies to share and this year – splitting the amount between my Son’s nursery, home and the office – I made what I believe in the culinary world is known as a bucket of cookie dough.

So – the competition! If you can guess how many cookies (were) in this tin before I handed them out then three of you closest to the actual number and one friend / spouse each (ie. You and a plus one) will get to go into the game as part of the audience for the cut scenes in game!

Guess how many in the tin!
Guess how many in the tin!

To make this hopefully make a little more sense and possibly be that bit more exciting (as if cookies aren’t exciting enough), the cut scenes in game are mostly created around the idea that it is the original poet, Apollonius of Rhodes, enthralling the Greek crowds with the tale of Jason and his Argonauts.

what is theatre without an audience...? will have to look into the dress code...
what is theatre without an audience…? will have to look into the dress code…

Naturally, he may… embellish… the story a little but as you play through you essentially create the tale that he tells.

So, please feel free to add your guess in the comments here, on facebook or on the back of a self addressed envelope and I will announce the winners in Sunday’s post update!

Good luck!

aka The cookie monster

p.s. if it helps at all when I put the cookies in my car this morning the weight alone set off the no seat belt alarm…

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