Good to be back!

Afternoon All!

Ok, I am the first to admit it has been WAY too long since I’ve posted here and for that I can only apologise and thank you for your patience!

Since the Kickstarter finished I needed a short rest to basically catch up on life in general, actually talk to my wife about something other than pledges, predictions, posts and updates and try to finish up my outstanding work outside of the world of Jason.

And then there was Christmas and New years, both of which we did BIG with an English Christmas followed by a German new years – which has all been followed by a game rethink, re-jig and a development restart (I’m such a tease).

I started the year by reviewing the game overall, looking at the big picture and the overall story, characters and how to fit in the various red skirts and statues now that so many of you have kindly applied for service!

On top of that I’ve also set up the dev blog which many of the pledgers will have access to shortly and reading through all my email on feedback on the demo thus far.

I’ve added a few of the sketches I’ve been working on and will soon post up the new scenes and characters I’ve worked up!

Its all go with many announcements to come which I will do my best to do on at least a weekly basis   from here on!

Thanks for being part of the crew,

aka Jason The Greek

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