Jason The Greek Demo

Jason The Greek Demo

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Create DateDecember 24, 2015
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Once upon a time in faraway Ancient Greece lived a man. No – a Lion Man– a near Demi-God who went by the name… of Jason. Denied his kingdom by the mad King Pelias, he and his mighty crew will sail the seven seas in search of the Golden Fleece aboard the legendary vessel – The Argo.

Here is the demo of the game so many kickstarted so long ago...

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  1. Cath
    Cath says:

    Hi Kris,
    it’s good to see you’ve finally got some playable material up and downloadable. Well done! I had a play through the demo this evening and enjoyed the game play and humour elements. I was less keen on the graphics, expecting somewhat better res, more akin to Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade (assuming you are familiar with that Lucas Arts classic?). The low res made it a bit tricky to play, but was still enjoyable. I think from your follow-up email tonight, that I’ve not been alone in voicing that.

    Of the 4 styles you showcased in your email, I like all except the 3rd, with the 1st (left most) one being my favourite.

    Good luck with the continued development, I look forward to playing more.


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