Jason The Greek Demo V1.3 MAC

Jason The Greek Demo V1.3 MAC

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Create DateDecember 27, 2015
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Once upon a time in faraway Ancient Greece lived a man. No – a Lion Man– a near Demi-God who went by the name… of Jason. Denied his kingdom by the mad King Pelias, he and his mighty crew will sail the seven seas in search of the Golden Fleece aboard the legendary vessel – The Argo.

Here is the demo of the game so many kickstarted so long ago...

Click below to download the MAC demo.

PLEASE note I am currently unable to test this build due to not having a mac so I hope this works - please let me know!?


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  1. Jeremy Fryc
    Jeremy Fryc says:

    Great little Demo. Although I did not support this game on Kickstarter (found it after it ended) I look up info on it from time to time. I was happy to see that the Demo was released and I played through it. Here’s what I thought:

    (Now this is coming from another guy who is also producing a classic point and click adventure game using the Adventure Creator Asset in Unity)

    – Great story. I like how it’s being narrated by someone at a future time. This is really clever and gives you plenty of leeway to give the story a nice flow to it.
    – The cut scenes are great. And I LOVE that you have little animations for each puzzle. Especially the crab puzzle. I know how long that can take. Great job!
    – The interactions are smooth and make sense. Maybe you can do without putting the inventory icon next to the “look at” and “use” icon for certain objects. Let the player decide which inventory items to use.

    – Go into the speech folder (under resources) in the Adventure Creator Asset and delete the dialogue Audio for the 3D demo game that Chris made. The Adventure Creator Demo dialogue is playing at the same time as the dialogue in your demo. This is a super quick fix.
    – As I have been following the game for a while I was a little disappointed that the art style was changed. I read why you chose to do this in your blog, but your original art style was beautiful. Gorgeous even. So, for me, and I do like pixel art, it was kind of a let down. I understand your reasons though.
    – As another player commented, it’s a little difficult to discern what to click on. The shrubs don’t look like shrubs, the tree branch doesn’t look like a tree branch. The pixels are a little TOO big. But again, I understand why you chose this route, it’s faster and easier and there are many more important things in life; like taking care of your family.
    – I wish there were more sound effects when you click on things and interact with the menu. It’s a small thing, but little sounds like that make the game much more immersive for the player.

    Great job though! Can’t wait to play the whole thing. I’ll definitely grab it when it comes out!

    – Jeremy

      • Jeremy Fryc
        Jeremy Fryc says:

        Unfortunately no. I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure that you have to go back into Unity in your game build and go into the folder that automatically exists when you create a new game with Adventure Creator. Chris put all the sound, artwork, textures etc. for his 3D and 2D demo in there. The audio files that are playing are the “speech” audio files that are triggered when certain lines of dialogue are played. This happens to me each time I have to update Adventure Creator. Those files are re-created. Just go in the “Speech” file under “Resources” in the 3D demo and delete those audio files. You don’t need them anyways. This is from memory, I don’t have Unity open in front of me.

        Awesome demo, man. Really hope to check out the final version. From some of your screen shots it looks like you are really close!



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