Jason The Greek Demo V1.3 LINUX

Jason The Greek Demo V1.3 LINUX

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Create DateDecember 27, 2015
Download if you love penguins

Once upon a time in faraway Ancient Greece lived a man. No – a Lion Man– a near Demi-God who went by the name… of Jason. Denied his kingdom by the mad King Pelias, he and his mighty crew will sail the seven seas in search of the Golden Fleece aboard the legendary vessel – The Argo.

Here is the demo of the game so many kickstarted so long ago...

Click below to download the LINUX demo.

PLEASE note I am currently unable to test this build due to not having a LINUX systmer so I hope this works - please let me know!?


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  1. Stephen Kitt
    Stephen Kitt says:

    Thanks for the Linux build, it works fine once the appropriate 32-bit libraries are installed. (If you’d like I can write up detailed instructions!)


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