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The demo is up and down(loaded)!

Greetings Player, Well, the demo is up and its certainly made a difference on IndieDB – Jason The Greek was in the high hundreds for a few days! Its been great to get such positive feedback off of everyone so far who has shared, really appreciate it – although the issues list I’ve had is […]

Progress report, Captain!

Greetings from Ancient Greece! So it’s gotten to the point of embarrassment of how few updates I’ve put in my blog but trust me thats because I’ve been verrrrry busy! Lately I’ve been working on just about everything – the site, the game, the social areas and I’m glad to say that I’m getting somewhere.

Evolution of The Man

Hi! It took a long time to figure out which style to go with for the game. There’s obviously a lot of competition out there as this genre is really seeing a big comeback with games like Hector: Badge of Carnage and similar titles so I wanted to do my best to really stand out.

Time to blog…

Hi! So I’m working on Jason The Greek pretty much solo so will be putting thoughts, doodles, sketches and general progress on the blog – I hope someone reads this as otherwise I’m essentially talking to myself… Have ummed and ah’d over whether or not to do this as a facebook page or not but […]