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3 Days to go!

Hi All, Hope you are all good? Well, the time has come – it is now 3 days till the campaign goes live! Its going to be a busy weekend! From here through the four weeks of the campaign I’ll be blogging much more regularly as I mix updates with the dev diary. I hope […]

Jason The Greek Demo Trailer is Live!

Hi! Hope you are all well and enjoying your Saturdays? This week I’ve hit a couple of milestones I’ve been aiming for for aaaages: sending my kickstarter campaign off for approval (fingers crossed) AND finished off a quick trailer for the game! Would love to know what you think, it features animations from the updated […]

Joining The Crew

Hi! Hope you’re all well? I’m very flattered to say that interest certainly seems to be growing in Jason as the facebook and twitter numbers as well as friend seem to growing! As you’ve maybe read, I’ve been working flat out on the kickstarter campaign page but that in no way means I’ve neglected the […]

Kicking Back

Hi, Thanks for heading over, this post is all about ‘Kickbacks’. What are kickbacks I hear you ask? Well, in a nutshell, kickbacks are the rewards you get for pledging to my kickstarter campaign that I’m currently working on. The following are the ideas I’ve had as to what to offer as part of my […]

So whats been happening?

Hi! Well its been a fair few busy days here as I desperately try to do, well, everything – I don’t think I’ve ever had to multi-task so much! I have to say I’ve been really flattered by the amazing feedback I’ve had on the game, some lovely posts on the facebook page as well […]

A course for the Cut Scene sea’s!

Hi! A double post day today! I had hit a bit of a brick wall regarding how to integrate some of my latest anims so fancied a quick distraction and so worked up the basis for the games cut scene intro. The intro will have Jason sailing away after being knocked off of his ship, […]

One for the kids

Hi! Thanks for heading over to the Captains Blog today! I haven’t had a chance to add a post in a long time due to there being SO much to do! But – as my nephews and their friends seem to be loving drawing and colouring in some of the characters from JTG I thought I’d […]

The new demo is ready!

Evening Player, Hows your day going? Mine’s drawing to a close with a long weekend planned with the family I wanted to get a little update your way before signing off for a few days! I’ve fixed a few of the bugs people have mentioned PLUS updated and added in new screens for the how […]