At the end of the year we look back… at recent comments mainly.

Hello Player,

With the recent update bringing up… mixed feedback I thought why not try to reply to the constructive criticism in an update so that you all know I’ve replied as I really really want to avoid another comment with the words:

‘FFS…! I’m _seriously_ disappointed.’

Really really.

There is no doubt that we’ve moved through some styles as the header shows and I know the current style – particularly now there is a little something to play – has not been as well received overall as I could have hoped but utterly and completely understand. I truly cannot thank you all enough for the honest feedback and am grateful that so many of you have alreadydownloaded and played the demo.

For now I will reply as best I can to the feedback so far and have already uploaded alternative download options for Mac, Linux and a .exe alternative to the .zip download. Hopefully they’ll work…

More to come soon and thank you as always for all your support – hope you’re enjoying the festive period however you celebrate it and let’s talk again soon!

aka Jason The Greek

p.s. please do feel free to let me know which of the styles above you prefer? Thanks again!

@Saodhar – thank you for such a positive reply! A pleasure to be compared to the last door and for the compliment, I am loving the animation myself, so much more to come there (the death anims are so much fun to draw).

Not sure I understand the chat head feedback – bit too expressive but the talking heads look great…? Maybe we should PM.

@Dablue – 2 bit games? New theme and I think if I could have gotten away with a text adventure here i might have gone that way if only because of my love of them. However your point is well made and something I really need to address.

@Palindrome – please see the echo of Flesks reply below

@BigD – I’ve uploaded an .exe alternative, hope that works better for you and Windows 10.

@Doran – I’ll accept ‘fine’ as a review! It shouldn’t be a big problem to create an android sdk, I’ll get that done as soon as I can but it’s definitely going to happen.

@flesk – totally possible and thank you, we certainly have! I’ve uploaded a linux alternative but have no way of personally testing it, please let me know if it works for you?

@Porcupine – I’ll be 100% honest with you, it was a personal choice that I thought the minimal style would create a cool style with the added bonus of being very quick to create. I managed to draw all 40 or so scenes in three weeks and am proud enough to put them in game. The issue with that is that overall I think that it is quite possible I have gone too far and now need to decide if I will continue along this route or up the res. I have a lot of thinking to do and I am grateful for your honest feedback.

@Ira – I’m doing all I can to get Jason back into the amount of pixels we all want him to be in.

@Krzysztof – it is if you’re good! although 10 minutes is pretty quick, im glad it lasted that long! My plan for the first two ‘rooms’ was to introduce players to all the necessary logic that they’ll need to play the game however not in a way that should be too much of a challenge for players. I’ll look into the animation placement and thank you for the compliment, very grateful!

@Torsten – thank you and the same to you and yours! Mac build is online now!

@Kevin – I understand and will do my best to at least get you the demo in the style you originally backed. I had initially released the game as a PC build only due to that’s the only system i can check it on right now however have created MAC and LINUX builds for download. Fingers crossed they work!

The game is built in Unity that is indeed multiplatform and will be as multiplatform as I can give!

@ET3D – hopefully you have to wait no longer, please tell me if it works?

@Jordan B. – I’m so thrilled to hear that you are looking forward to it, I am doing my best to make something worthwhile of the wait. Regarding the blurry mess could you send me a screenshot for reference?

Thanks for the luck and for helping Aaron out, I really appreciate it and may well need it!

Out of interest, which of the styles at the top is your favourite?

@Aaron – hope you succeeded in extracting the zip? if not maybe one of the other formats will work better for you?

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