An incredible first day!

Hi all!

I just want to start this with a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has shared and pledged. I can barely believe it – we have smashed the 10% mark in a day! Incredible!

Honestly, I couldn’t have imagined today would go so well, I really am very very grateful.

The comments have been coming in thick and fast and I apologise that I haven’t been able to get back to you sooner – I hope that this update will help cover your questions:

1. Demo download issues – so embarrassing! Tomorrow is demo day, I am going to squash bugs and make sure a perfectly working link is available for you all to download and play the game you are all helping so much to make. For Sir Jordi and the rest of you, a nice big DEMO button is coming up!

So that you will hopefully believe there IS a game to play, I’ve recorded a few initial minutes of gameplay and posted the video below…

2. Linux port – you’re totally right, I’ll update tomorrow to show my love for the penguin!

3. Tier costs – glad you’re happy I really tried to balance the costs out, I hope that everyone enjoys them!

4. Translations – a big deal, I’ll dedicate a post to this on its own sometime soon bt for now its likely that these will be part of a post release update or stretch goal as I’d really like to have it in German, French and Greek, of course!

5. In-credit – no micropayments here, that was meant to be that you would be credited in game. There is a credits screen linked from the main menu for all to see how awesome you all are for helping and also when anyone finishes the game your names will be displayed and enjoyed by many, I’m sure!

6. Downgrading for the £1 Toga in the City – I didnt realise you could only make one pledge, really hope no one downgrades just to get their name read out! Perhaps a friend, loved one or handsome stranger could post on your behalf?

Once again, thank you so much for an incredible first day – please keep sharing and posting, today was an amazing milestone to reach, now to push for the other 90%!

Thanks again, more to come soon,

aka Jason The Greek


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