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Hello Reader!

As ever I’ve been keeping you hanging for the latest update but I can honestly swear this is completely down to the fact I’ve been flat out to get the game into beta now. As such this might be one of the shorter updates but you never know where the Update will go.

Since we last spoke it’s been all hands on deck – including invaluable support from our (currently) mystery publisher and the team. Been so grateful for their support throughout and especially lately as all stops are pulled out.

Here’s a couple of screenshots of the first few rooms for your peepers. These are the ones that contain complete final assets plus our final Captain design. I say final as I’ve been animating like crazy so I hope you like this version and feel that this is the man you want to help find the fleece!

So, right now it’s all about final assets with much of the gameplay and puzzles ‘just’ needing refinement so the focus is on animations and completed artwork. While not timed up in any great way, here are a few of the animations of our brave Captain!

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

 project video thumbnail

Likewise I’ve been adding in cut scenes and narration from the writer of Jason and The Argonauts, Apollonius of Rhodes to help flesh out the story and relate the content back a little closer to the original legend.

– –

Sad news

Something that I wish I had made time to share sooner is that recently a crewmember and valued backer whom I had come to think of as a friend lost her battle with cancer. Astrid Beulink, aka Pollo Dia, has been a huge support before my campaign even started, giving me – a total stranger – time and valued advice that was both massively appreciated and much needed. As such she was a huge part of the success that was my campaign and had continued to support me throughout my weird and wonderful time building Jason.

Astrid was a massive supporter of adventure gaming and as it was Kickstarter that meant we could get to know each other I wanted share her legacy here with you all. As you can see she supported so many of us and I know I am just one of many campaigns that have benefitted from her generosity.

Sadly she is not the first person in my life that I have lost to cancer and I know she will probably not be the last and as such I am so grateful to people like Cat Cope (another backer and friend) and others like her who dedicate their time and energy volunteering and raising money to help with Cancer Research.

Support link

Astrid will be remembered fondly by everyone who was lucky enough to know her, of that, I have no doubt.

– –

So we continue to sail onwards to the goal that seems, at last, to have appeared on the horizon. The script will soon be in the hands of my talented VO artists to really give character to, well, the characters and adding in the awesome content that my new audio artist is supplying at a rate of knots with quality content such as this… scene setting track for the hot tub

Thanks you all for your massive support, messages and ideas, they are all making this game the best I have ever made. More soon!

aka Jason The Greek

I am SO excited to announce (like you didn’t know already) the release of a friend and ex-colleague Phil Ings’ brainchild title that is Supreme League of Patriots.

Don your cape and mask and join the Supreme League of Patriots in this hilarious and irreverent superhero comedy adventure!


As a bit of our shared background, Phil is one of the reasons I am so committed to completing Jason as he once gave me some incredibly necessary and honest feedback in that I should finish what I start.

This came as a result of being altogether far too excited to work with someone of Phil’s calibre of skills sent me into overload and I lost the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented and self motivated developer simply because I couldn’t settle on one idea for more than ten minutes. As such I vowed to complete what I started from that day on and I am so happy that Phil is getting the chance to see his own titles out in the wild for all to enjoy.

If you haven’t already please do check it out!

And finally to finish this post and to get back to work / sleep I want to bring one more link to your attention in the shape of Roam the Blue Ghost – Charming watercolour illustrations by Chelle Destefano

In her own words: Help turn these hauntingly beautiful watercolour illustrations of abandoned places and ghosts into a book and limited edition prints.

Hope this helps Chelle – thanks again for supporting Jason! Congratulations on already achieving your goal!

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