I… am Jason

These are the crew of the great ship Argo.
Our Quest: to sail to new lands and locations,
to seek out and return with the Golden Fleece

For these are the Argonauts and I… am Jason
Jason The Greek

The Quest

Once upon a time in faraway Ancient Greece lived a man. No – a Lion Man– a near Demi-God who went by the name… of Jason. Denied his kingdom by the mad King Pelias, he and his mighty crew will sail the seven seas in search of the Golden Fleece aboard the legendary vessel – The Argo.

The Crew

A story such as this deserves a crew of heroes and legends! Our brave and bold captain can rely on his logical first mate, salty- bones doctor, excitable Irish drummer alongside many a red skirt wearing crewman… It’s possible not everyone will make it back from the landing party…

The Ladies

In this, the first chapter of the quest, Jason and his crew set sail for the fabled Isle of Lemnos, in search of news of the Golden Fleece’s location. It is said by some that the island is a land of only women. I’m sure that had nothing to do with this being the crew’s first stop…


What’s going on here?

You play as Jason – the handsome, seductive and quick-witted captain of The Argo – starting stranded alone on a beach in Gods know where after being knocked off of the ship by a sudden tidal wave, its up to you to guide him off of the island and back to his ship and crew so that he can continue his quest!

Features include:

  • Explore a unique take on the classic Greek Myth in its own cartoon style!
  • Interact with characters, objects, items and crabs!
  • Solve mysteries and uncover a dark secret (oooo)!
  • Romance a princess!
  • Escape from a princesses bedroom before she wakes up.
  • And basically steal any item that isn’t nailed to the floor…

Want to know more?

Who’s steering the ship?
Jason The Greek is being drawn and developed by Kristian Fosh aka DreamFever Ltd with the backing of a very supportive and soon to be announced

The audio and effects are supplied by Matthew Steed and Chris Jolley.

Didn’t I see this on Kickstarter?
Yep! 600+ amazing people put up their hard earned cash to purchase a seat aboard the Argo – with some purchasing limited edition Red Skirts.

They will be missed.

Which platforms will it release for?
Right now the priority is for desktop so Windows, Mac and Linux but there’s hope it will sail onto mobile and tablet in the not too distant future.


First Contact

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